Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Love Ebates, you should too.

Have you heard of Ebates? I love Ebates. Ebates is a website where you get paid to shop online. Pretty simple. You create an account, log in, and find a store where you would like to purchase something. It then redirects you to that site and you receive a percentage of the money you spend. You will receive anywhere between 1% to sometimes 25% back of your purchase.
I love this site because I can actually say that I have received a check in the mail from them. We purchased our high chair using Ebates and I cashed in a check for $7.85. It isn't a ton of money but if you shop online often you should get something back for that.
Another thing I love about ebates is the coupon codes you can find for certain stores. Just search for the store you want and see if they have any coupon codes listed.

Click here to join Ebates, plus if you click that link I will get $5 and so will you!

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