Monday, November 9, 2009

Week 1 homework

Well week one is complete. I had a lot of fun going out in the little garden area next to my apartment to test out what I learned from last weeks lesson. In this first week I learned about aperture, or how blurry your picture is.

Here is the first picture. Straight out of the camera, set on automatic.

Here is the next picture notice how the background gets fuzzy.

Here is the last picture with my aperture set as low as my camera can go, it is almost all blur.

Here is the link to this weeks lesson. If you haven't started yet you have plenty of time. The lessons only take a few minutes to read and you learn a ton from them.

1 comment:

annieandjustin said...

good pictures! i love the blurry look. i wish i had a good camera so i could do this lessons. oh well maybe someday!


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