Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Picture Books

We read a lot of books around here.  It is one way I love to play with my girls. I have a hard time playing imagination or princesses but I can read picture books to my girls for hours.

I'm always on the look out for new books for us to read and every holiday we try to find some new favorites. These our the current favorites in our house for Halloween. Let me know if you have any other recommendations! We are always looking for more.

Room on the Broom
Room on the Broom is my favorite of all the Halloween picture books. It has a fun story, a little rthym and wonderful pictures. It is written by the same author as one of our other favorite picture books, The Gruffalo.

Hoodwinked is the story of a cute little witch who is looking for the perfect creepy pet but she is having a hard time finding the right one.

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything
I think this is considered a Halloween classic. We enjoy reading this book which is probably the spookiest of our Halloween books. Not enough to make Addie scared but enough to make her curious about the ending.

Skeleton Hiccups
This one is probably my least favorite of the group but my four year old thinks it's hilarious. She will laugh out loud as the skeleton tries to get rid of his hiccups.

Too Many Pumpkins
This book is not really a Halloween book but a book about pumpkins. Rebecca hates pumpkins but she finds herself overwhelmed with pumpkins one year. She has to figure out what to do with her abundance of pumpkins.

Pumpkin Jack
Pumpkin Jack is another book more about pumpkins.  This book is about Tim carving a pumpkin for Halloween and naming him Jack. After Halloween he has a hard time getting rid of Jack so he leaves it to rot and watches as the pumpkin changes through the year.

Skeleton Meets the Mummy
This is a cute little story about a Skeleton going for a walk on Halloween when he is scared by a sound. He turns around and finds a Mummy chasing him!

This is a parody of the classic Madeline. We have a lot of fun reading this book before Madeline and then finding all of the differences.

 Update: Here area few more books we loved reading. I'm going to update the list here so I remember for next year.
  Big Pumpkin
  Which Way to Witch School?
  A Job for Wittilda


Madison & Mike said...

Two of my favorite Halloween books are I Need My Monster. This book is so much fun! It is about a little boy who can't go to sleep because the monster that lives under his bed went on vacation. He then has visitors throughout the night who are substitute monsters and none of them will do. I love the illustrations and the concept is so fun. It might be a little too scary for your little ones thinking that there are monsters that live under there bed, but someday. My other favorite is call Big Pumpkin. It is about a witch who can't pull her pumpkin off of the vine and gets some help from some friends. There is a lot of repeated phrases which make it fun to read.

Katie said...

Thanks Madison! I'm excited to look for those books they sound perfect.

Julie said...

I LOVE books too! You have a couple I haven't heard of! I shall have to find them for next year. :) A couple we love around here, "The Hallo-weiner" Hilarious for the adult reading and the kids get a good kick out of it too. And "Wittilda gets a job" or something along those lines. A cute witch story.


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