Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun Toddler Ideas

Every day I find myself trying to think of fun things for Addie to keep her entertained. I can never think of anything to do at the time so we end up just driving each other crazy. I decided to make a list of toddler activities so I can just hurry and find something fun to do whenever she starts getting antsy. I'm sure I'm not the only one with a bored toddler so I'm listing it on here in hopes that it might give one of you an idea or two.

This will be a running list that I'm going to keep updating as I find more activities. I would love to hear from you, what things do your toddlers love to do.  

Blow lots of bubbles. We have this bubble set from Gymboree at nursery and it works great. The bubble wand gives you tons of bubbles with one blow plus the bubble solution is the best I've seen. Addie's cute cousins gave her a bubble gun (like this one) for her birthday which is also a hit.You just push the trigger and the bubbles are blown for you.

      Finger Paint. Using regular paints and the edible variety.  
      Make Cookies, or any other treat. Addie loves to stir all the ingredients and "help" pour everything into the bowl. Plus she gets to taste it as we go along 
      Play with Playdough, or the homemade variety.
      Play with Cornstarch Goop. Place 1 cup of cornstarch in a large flat dish (a metal baking pan works well) and add water a little bit at a time until "goop" is formed. It should not be too watery and not at all powdery – the consistency of clay. The goop will feel hard when the child picks it up and then will turn to liquid in their hands. The activity works best when the dish is a different color from the goop. Try adding food coloring to the goop for even more fun! Found Here.
      Have a Dance Party. Turn up the music and dance away. It's not a party unless mom is dancing too.
      Read. Some of our favorite books to read together are: Jamberry, Cookie Count Tails, Napping House, Big Hungry Bear, Peek-a-book, I love you
      TailsJamberryCookie Count: A Tasty Pop-upThe Napping House - 2000 publicationPeek-a-Boo, I Love You! (Messages from the Heart)The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear (Child's Play Library)

      Play with Sidewalk Chalk outside. Or dip the chalk in water and give it a "paint" feel.
      Try out Homemade Puffy Paint. Recipe Here.
      Water time at the sink. Pull up chair to kitchen sink and fill with water and bubbles. Use cups and bowls for water fun.
      Find Colors all around the house and take pictures of them. Print out pictures and create a color book.


      Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

      All fantastic ideas! I love the puffy paint one. If I need a break, I just pull out the playdoh, Lallie loves it and plays with it FOREVER (in toddler minutes that is!)

      LisaDay said...

      Jamberry. I forgot about that book on my list of favourites – today's blog post.

      Stopping by from SITS.


      Erin said...

      Hi Katie! Thanks for linking to me. I love all the other ideas you have listed. We'll have to try them out this summer!


      Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

      I have that bubble wand too, it really works better than others I have tried.


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