Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More Water

One of my many goals for this year is to drink more water. I don't like the taste of water (weird I know) so I have a hard time drinking it. I'm trying to get healthier and that means drinking I've made it fun. I bought this bad boy at target for around $3 and all ready I drink twice as much as I did.

I don't know what it is about drinking from this bottle, it could be the straw, the fact that I keep it in the fridge, or because its MINE. Whatever it is I'm glad its helping!


Heather A said...

I actually like water, but sometimes it doesn't taste great (like here where it's soooo rusty). Have you tried a pitcher with a filter? We really like our Brita. It makes the water taste MUCH better. I also think it tastes better when it is cold.

DhaliMama said...

I agree with Heather. Any water tastes much, much better if you drink it really cold, so keeping it in the fridge is a great idea.

Katie said...

I feel the same way, the only way I can drink water is it it's cold. That's why I'm keeping this in the fridge. We did try a filter but I still didn't like the flavor (or lack thereof?).

reabbotted said...

Water is best when its room temperature and has been in a Camelbak for a week or two. It takes on the plastic taste of the bladder and any leftover Gatorade. mmmmm. It's making me thirsty just thinking about it.


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