Monday, May 24, 2010

Favorite Reads?

Does any one have any book suggestions? After I finished reading These is my Words I haven't been able to really get into any new books. I need to read the sequel Sarah's Quilt but it isn't available at my library yet. I hate that. I started reading Chasing Lincoln's Killer but I just haven't been able to really get into it. I hate the in between book phase. I like to always be in the middle of a book, that way if I have any free time I know exactly what I'm gonna do. I hate starting and finishing a book, they both make me a little depressed. Anyway, any thoughts? New, old favorites?

Also, did anyone go to Old Navy for the flip flop sale? I went around noon and found a line around the inside of the store. They only had a few basic colors left, but I left with a new pair of dark blue for me and gray for the hubs. All in about 15 minutes and $2.


annieandjustin said...

I was just at the library trying to get a good book everything i looked up was unavailable. so maddening! but some suggestions made to me were the hourglass door by lisa magnum and modest proposal by michelle ashmanbell

Katie said...

Thanks JeriAnn, I'll have to check out Hourglass. I read Modest Proposal a little while ago and I think I liked it but I can't really remember anymore.

Russ and Emily Jones said...

i went to old navy at 8am and got some flip flops! A really good book i just read is Anthem by Ayn Rand, i really liked it. others i have read in the past year i have liked: ender's game and the host.


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