Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Toy List for 4-5 Year Old Girls

This age is so fun. I love watching Addie play and use her imagination. I try to get toys that are more open ended so she can let her imagination run wild. I'm also starting to understand why they say you get to relive your childhood through your children with their toys because I buy her toys that I would like to play with and that I might have had when I was little.

Here are a few toys and games that Addie loves playing with now, or that I'm thinking of getting her.  I think all of these toys would also be fun for a little boy, minus the princess doll, I'm assuming.

Let me know what other toys have been favorites in your house.

1. Hisss Card Game We absolutely love this game. Reed and I play a lot of games together and we're trying to brain wash our kids into loving games starting them young. This is a game that we love to play as a family. The grownups actually like playing this game as much as the kids. Addie has been playing this game since she was three, all you need to know are colors to play.

2. Melissa and Doug Stamp Set You don't really see wood stamps like these anymore, but I think they are still just as fun for little ones to play with. I have some old stamps I gave Addie but I think she'd like the pictures on these stamps better than the boring old ones I had.

3. Richard Scarry Busy Town I'm excited to try this game, I've been watching and reading the reviews for a while waiting for a birthday or Christmas to get it. The game board is over 6 feet long and you get to work together to solve a mystery. I'm hoping this will be another game our family can play together.

4. Portable Art Studio There is not much in this world Addie enjoys more than arts and crafts. She will sit at the table cutting, glueing and coloring for a long time. My mom dug up one of my old art set like this one and Addie has been in heaven.

5. Melissa and Doug Play House Reusable Sticker Pad I'm getting Addie one of these for Christmas and I think she'll LOVE it. She already has fun playing with stickers and reusable sticker pads are even better. This one comes in a lot of different styles which makes it a little harder to pick. Plus I think I'll have a lot of fun playing with this too...

6. Disney Princess Snow White's Cottage  We are constantly playing with Duplos and I think these Disney Princess legos would be extra exciting for Addie. If we didn't have a little 18 month old who has to playing with everything Addie has I would probably start giving her regular legos but for now they are both happy with Duplos. If you already have some Duplos then this Green Building Plate  is great. I was a little skeptical at first, but it helps Addie build houses and anything else she wants.

7. Calico Critters Cozy Cottage This might be another nostalgic toy because I played with Calico Critters when I was little and now Addie loves playing with them too. She got this house for her birthday and she can't stop playing with it and her little cat family. They can be pricey so I look for sales on them at Toys R Us. But I've never seen these Fuzzy Penguin Triplets there so I might have to splurge because they are too adorable.

8. Disney Princess Ariel Doll And of course what list of toys for a 4 year old would be complete without a Disney Princess doll. We have both Rapunzel and Cinderella, but I'm positive she could never have enough princesses.

9. Wikki Stix We first found out about Wikki Stix while eating at The Original Pancake House. They give kids a small package of these to play with instead of crayons and a coloring page. Addie sat entertained the entire time we were waiting for our food and then at home she continued to play with them. They are just pieces of string that have been coated in wax so you can bend them and stick them together anyway you want. These would be a great stocking stuffer or something to take to restaurants to keep the little ones busy.

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Heather A said...

I am so glad you have started posting on this again! Libby got the same reusable sticker dollhouse you have pictures for her birthday from my parents. All three of the kids LOVE it! Great ideas!

Amanda Planta said...

Cool list!
Did you see the pet TickleMe Plant in action?


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